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At ResidualPartners, our passion is to help people discover one aspect of their Life's Dreams - their passion for financial success. This is the concept we share.

We also believe that Internet marketing is a relationship dependant business. As such, it is about developing personal relationships with people based on their needs, Not Yours.

Because, it's the people you come to know and work with (faceless thy may be though) that make you money, not the products or the companies.

Hence, it is always a good idea to remember that…

Money is a by-product of helping others. The more people you are willing to help to develop their potential, the more money you will make; it is that simple.

In these competitive times of Internet business, you may come across a lot of sites, all demanding your attention. Some maybe honest and genuine others may not be. So, as you choose sides, our advice is to choose carefully.


Our mission is firstly, to provide you with the right information, to introduce you to the necessary tools and resources of the trade, so that you can be well informed, to learn and apply, and to become an Achieving Leader in your own right, within the shortest possible time.


This will ultimately help you to:


  • Reach your desired goals
  • Fulfil your needs
  • And to live the life you think you deserve


As you review our site, our challenge to you is to eventually take advantage of everything we are able to offer you, hopefully, it should lead you to one day interacting and working together with us.


Sooner rather than later, you will be able to prove to yourself that our foresight, concept and integrity, is the best way forward to your success, provided you can focus on your core objective and play your part accordingly.


You are welcome.