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Cost: $997(Includes $397and the $69.95 Membership)Income Potential: Unlimited Instant Commissions of $997 every time!

Cost: $397(Includes $69.95 Membership)Income Potential: Unlimited Instant Commissions of $397 every time!

Cost: $69.95
Income Potential: Earn Unlimited MONTHLY payments of $69.95



As a valued Member of my Team,
You also get these additional benefits


  • Learn how to combine the joint power of Affiliate + Network Marketing to build a successful, home-based “wealth generator” at minimum cost.
  • Learn how to personally recruit a steady stream of New Members into your business -- Imagine being able to putting 15-30 (or more) people into your downline every month.
  • Access to a Marketing System that will bring you at least 5,000 leads per day -- That’s over 150,000 email exposures per month WITHOUT spamming!
  • Access to one of the best Auto-responders with the highest reach rates -- PLUS tested follow-up messages and the ability to track the performance of your mailings.
  • Discover step-by-step how to make money out of all the people who DIDN’T like your EDC business.
  • Acquire, in the process, the single most important asset you will ever own in Internet marketing: A responsive list that will generate more money on demand once you know the most effective “how”.
  • PLUS as our Special Incentive, you will be given back your second training sale to recover your initial investment if you decide to stay with the group.
  • And more importantly we will show you how to quickly get your qualifying sales, recover your cost and be in profit within your first month.  

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