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Dear Fellow Marketer:

Today’s business environment is in a state of flux. It’s moving so fast, not even the business schools can keep up with the pace of its evolution.

In fact, business schools that aren’t focusing their energy on the most significant new marketplace in history are living, and teaching, in the past.


The most exciting business opportunity
in history is evolving right before our eyes.

If youre not part of it, youre missing
the chance of a lifetime.

The proliferation of new businesses leveraging the power of the Internet is unprecedented. While this is exciting, it also challenges entrepreneurs to approach the market with a competitive, differentiating edge.

If you can do that, the Internet can be a worthwhile and promising environment in which to launch your business and create an enduring income stream that just might outlive you.

By doing business with us on the Internet like we do, you can…

Make money any time you want
From anywhere you want
In any quantity you want
Without risking everything you own.


The real question is…
How can you create that competitive, differentiating edge?
And the next real question is…
How can you Not try?

Imagine having a daily cash flow that not only quickly covers your cost and returns you a nice living, but also allows you to invest in other ventures that will pay off big time down the road.

Imagine those new ventures being fully funded by your initial success, and are self-sustaining while you continue to grow your core business.

Imagine experiencing substantial savings on the cost of doing business and on the taxes you’ll owe as a self-employed entrepreneur.

If you know how to do this – and I will show you precisely how it’s done – these savings become part of that competitive edge you’ll need.


You can make a significant income now
or you can invest in your future.

Its your choice.
Not many people get the opportunity to make it.
But first you have to get in the game.


And when you do, you’ll be giving yourself the chance to have all the money you’ve always wanted, and to live your life the way you’ve always wanted to live it.

While in the process, you’ll be offering a much needed, highly valuable product to your customers, as well as an opportunity for them to experience the same level of success that you’ve created for yourself.

If you have a job, ask yourself this question: am I making that kind of money now? Am I living the type of life I’ve always wished for?

And if I live for fifteen or thirty years after I retire, will there be enough money to live not only comfortably, but live well ?


For most people, the answers fall somewhere
between shocking and depressing.


The sad fact is, most people struggle with cash flow in their daily lives as well as in their business. And not only that, when they finally do create an income stream, they get complacent and rest on their laurels.

Too bad!! Because in the Internet game, the sky is the limit. Don’t cheat yourself.

Wouldn’t it be great to sell a product that you invest in only once, and have the right to sell it going forward and keep 100% of the revenue for yourself?

I can show you how to get such a great deal.


Joining our online business could be the
solution to your personal or business
Cash flow problem…


… Even if you already have a job.
Because chances are, that is not enough.

Nowhere is it written that you should settle for mediocrity and compromise. Especially when there’s an alternative that could change the course of your life.

However, as with most things in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. The remainder of this letter is about the right way.

Which means, you have a choice. Right now, and right here.  

You can stop reading now, and go back to
the way things are. Or keep reading, and
discover the way things could be.

Internet/Network Marketing is no exception to the need to understand the right way of going about launching a new business. Unfortunately, the wrong way is everywhere.

The status quo in an evolving marketplace is a recipe for mediocrity at best, complete failure at worst.

The good news is doing it right is no rocket science. Not if you know what you’re doing. And not if you have a partner who can show you how it’s done.

But before we show you what they are, let me ask you this :

  • Are you planning to get married or just got married? If so, do you have any sound financial plans as to how you are going to meet your ongoing day-to-day commitments without struggle; and to be able to look years ahead down the line in making excellent provisions for a better standard of living? Do you really?
  • Are you a newcomer to the internet/home business industry, but you're not sure where to start? Or you're sick and tired of mediocre success in your current business, and you're ready for a breakthrough opportunity?
  • You have done many years of work, still financially insecured? Take a look at your income today if you still have a job going, and ask yourself this important question; "If I live fifteen to thirty years after retirement, how much income will I really need every month?” Probably not much!
  • Have you jumped from one opportunity to the other, each time hoping things will get better but it never did?
  • How much better would you feel if you were finally able to create a reliable source of income that you could depend on whole- heartedly, to allow you to pay off your debts and finally be able to do those little extras that you’ve always wanted?
  • Or more importantly, you have discovered a niche you love to be in, but have run out of money to keep it going. Wouldn’t you think your life be different than it is now, if you had a cashflow system that send money flooding into your bank account 24/7?

If your answer fits any of the above circumstances then…

Congratulations, you’ve just found the answers you’ve been searching for. Because you’ve just found a business opportunity that is unlike anything else on the Internet.

What you need now is a proven educationalplan. Which you can learn, and apply what you learn to bring you the results you want.

And that’s where I come in.

Once you have all that, you can and will become successful.

This website can help you get there.

With our concepts and proven track record
of coaching Internet entrepreneurs to
unimagined levels of success…  

… you’ll have everything you need to change
your life and/or your business.


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Snowballing EDC
Here Is How:

First of all…
Have you heard of the 80:20 rule?

This rule implies that the relationship between INPUT and OUTPUT is rarely, if ever, found in equal balance.

In relation to your business, this means that 20% of your efforts can produce 80% of solid results -- The essential key to making the most effective use of your time and money is learning to recognize that 20%, and then focus your efforts on it.

At Residual Partners, we specialize in EDC (Daily Cash) as your first step to Daily Cash Generation. This is our front end product, because it gives you the 20% input leverage you need. IF you focus on doing this 20% right (and we will show you how), the resulting 80% will follow through without any additional effort on your part.

This is the first step to optimise your Internet business and positioning it securely for unlimited future growth. Our approach is unique.

In a similar analogy…

We also know that a small snowball running down a snowy hill, will within a few minutes, grow much more bigger in size than it was from its modest beginning, and will eventually be much more larger than you would have imagined from the onset.

This is how huge profits are made from small investments in time and money. This is the concept we teach and do.

But the question is…

How do you create an avalanche of success and profits if you do not know how?

Again this is where you utilise your EDC (Daily Cash) business as your catalyst. With that in hand, we will provide you with the right environment to start, including every practical step, that also ignores all the Internet cacophonies out there so that you can focus in building your avalanche of profits as you progress down the hill.

Because it is easer making money that way with the least sweat and effort as compared to trudging your way up hill as most marketers do.

At Residual Partners this is what set us apart from all other sites marketing EDC. Because while other marketers get you stuck within only EDC, we take you far and beyond what our competitors can do for you without much constraints. We are unique, elite and exclusive, and that is the way we spell your success.

We will show you, and help you to exponentially grow and diverse your initial $397 (or $997) investment into other areas to enable you to:

  • Generate ongoing and substantial cashflow to support whatever business you want to pursue or for any worthwhile purpose.
  • Create an Asset-Producing business in order to eventually create true wealth.
  • Or just to meet personal/family daily commitments (e.g. College Fees if you are a student) if that is all that you want.

So, apart from your marketing expenses, as happens in all businesses, this is the only product cost you will incur at the onset; and this is the only product you will always market.

Generate A Third Perpetual
Income Hands Free


All your earnings come to you, but you will have to funnel part of your initial earnings into other product association activities. This will set up a Cashflow System for you. All you will have to do at that stage is to plug yourself into it, while EDC does all the leveraging for you. Your cashflow will come out at the other end of the pipeline, even long after you stop selling EDC. (But why would you?)

I will show you how the process works when you get to that point; and there will be no work required at that stage. Once your cashflow system is up and running, it will become unstoppable.

The resulting system will continue to pay you to run any business of your choice or for whatever purposes you may pursue. And no matter what may happen to any of your businesses online or offline, this system will be there for you.

It’s been well thought through and carefully planned to deliver a continuous business cashflow non-stop. This is the core business of this site. We take your EDC business further while our competitors don’t.

Once this system is up and running, your investment in time will go down to almost nothing, and the upside is unlimited.

Which means, you’ll have time to continue to explore new opportunities, or simply spend your time as you choose.

EDC–Fact Sheet

  • YOU get over $115,000 worth of REAL products that offer exceptional value for money! More is added as time goes on. You can just pick and choose from this impressive selection for your own personal use OR resell them for profit.
  • YOU get to earn $397 (or $997) per sale with the simple EDC system … and that is just the beginning. See the movie for further details.
  • YOU get to leverage your time and money! To be a successful entrepreneur, you either have to be able to leverage your time or money, but like many, we lack both.

EDC gives you a sensible way around, by making it possible for you to exponentially have hundreds of other people put in thousands of combined hours into promoting your business and thus taking you closer and quicker in achieving your goal than you can envision.

This is a power-packed tenacious leveraging vehicle you cannot do without . This is the power we tap into for everything we do on this site.

As you will see from the “View EDC” menu page, the combined sales of EDC have put thousands of dollars if not millions (in some cases) into the pockets of ordinary people who have diligently work this business.

The intent here is to make you have your share of this million dollar business pie now, and to securely add more beyond what EDC alone can offer you but with minimal work, (just handling EDC), so that should you one day decide to stop selling EDC, you will still be making money.

That is why we are different.

This honest, step-by-step plan may be the first ever REAL
opportunity you’ll ever have of making $20K within 90 days,
$50K within 6 months and more within a year

Take a closer look.


Your Success Partner,

Sam Aaron (Founder Residual Partners)