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EDC Works By - The Australian Two Up Comp Plan

This is a marketing plan that is very unique. Basically, the first two people you sign up are regarded as qualifying members, and they go to your upline sponsor and the rest of the sign ups are yours. Here is an illustration :


Assume U sponsors Q1, Q2, A and B. You earnings starts on A and B but not on Q1 and Q2 as those are your first two sales, and those go to your UPLINE SPONSOR. Q1 and Q2 are your qualifying/training sales. Basically by finding Q1 and Q2, you become qualified to earn from A and B and subsequently C, D, E and as many as you would like.

Similarly, before A, B , C, D, E, etc, etc, qualifies to be on their own each of them will have to forego their first two qualifying sales Q1, Q2, to you as you are their Upline Sponsor, i.e. $397 per sale and per qualification to infinity.

This is the power of leveraging. For every person you bring in... 1 person becomes 2, which becomes 4, then 8, then 16, then 32, then 64, then 128... all the way to infinity.

Can you imagine how fast your income will grow?

This is an extremely powerful and proven way to create a huge income and it works like no other system you have ever tried before. This is how EDC works and this is how EDC will pay you.

The total software and books value amounts to over $115, 000. (See the product page)

But as a Residual Partner Member, this is what we will do for you – As an incentive, the sale of your Q2 (of $397) ( or $997 if you choose to) will be returned to you in full, so that your initial cost is fully recovered. The main intent however, is to help you to support your business at its teething stage.

By helping you to fast track your success, is a good feeling, but more importantly, it guarantees my own success as well.

This is what Relationship Marketing is all about, a true win-win business. 



So how much will this cost you?

Your initial investment (product cost) in EDC is $397 or $997. (A one-time payment). You make the choice.

A big relief, you may say. Yes, this is Not a Monthly Auto ship. You can choose and use any of the products you may need in your own business activities, as well as resell the lot.

Whichever one you buy into, you will still be able to meet the financial obligations for the business we do here. However do note that, if you bought into the $397, you cannot sell the $997 products.

However , if you bought into the $997 products, any sales in $397 products is paid direct to you, as it does not count as a qualifying sale until you sell a $997 pack.

Your monthly estimated marketing cost is about $160/month. This amount will include:

  • Daily leads of approx. 5,000
  • Affiliate marketing tools
  • Web hosting
  • Auto-responder
  • Capture pages
  • Other essential marketing tools to get you started

Most of the facilities we use are third part products. In the majority of cases, they pay affiliate commissions as such your monthly cost declines as new members sign up under you. This will eventually build up into a sizeable profit. At last… money is flowing back into your pocket!


Who This Business IS Not For

If you have been around the Internet for a while, you will know by now that, there are seemingly endless streams of people coming to the net everyday dying to get rich quick, and you can easily make a sale or two on each of them.

But sooner rather than later, the inevitable happens and the get-rich quick junkie mentality is revitalised with HADD , so:

Marketing Junkie…

  • Won't take any action
  • Whines when nothing happens
  • Become disillusioned
  • Drop their business faster than an eye blinks
  • Blame you, the business, and everybody else for their failure

You know yourself better than anyone else does, and more so on the Internet where unfortunately things are so impersonal.

If the above describes your past or present work attitude and habits, then this site is not for you. We recommend you  

Go Here

For those willing to learn, and apply, see this site as a breakthrough. We do help many, but a limited number per month.

We do not solicit or knowingly lure anyone to part with his or her hard earned money in the hope of getting something for nothing.

This is a serious business for the serious minded person who is determined to make a change in his or her life. It definitely involves some work.

The technicalities of marketing are simple once you know how. We will show you all that you need to learn and do, and help you in all ways possible, BUT No One Will Work For You .


$700K And Still Going


Yes this is how money is printed on the net

But I guess the only place I know where you can print Money in any quantity you want is at the mint. The rest of us unfortunately, have to Work for it.

Therefore other people think a successful business has to be this way, but …

Do You Have This Amount Of Money?


Cost $600,000

Cost $450,000

Cost $99,000


Be far-sighted


Sign Up Into EDC

One Off Cost: $397or $997

Your Earning potential: You Decide


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